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We recognise the environmental impacts of air travel. Because of this we are motivated and committed to take on sustainability enhancements that are important to the environment, community and our people. We strive to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations firstly, by reducing our carbon footprint in the air and on the ground and secondly by taking part in credible sustainability projects.


We are preparing for the electrical revolution of aviation and participating projects globally to enable the electrification in aviation as a flight operator and training academy.


We are using using a blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to minimize our carbon footprint. In addition to our flight operations we are currently participating in climate charity to try our best to compensate the emissions which cannot be avoided.


Our goal is to be climate positive.  Below are some of the actions we are already taking to carry out our responsibility.


  • Cooperation - We are committed to develop our business model and travel industry together with other local companies and organisations by prioritising local companies when building new partnerships.

  • Environment - We take people to beautiful places and want to keep them that way. We carry our responsibility to protect the nature and ensure our operations will not exceed the environments capability to handle them. We don't operate and land to places, that could harm the animals or the vegetation. We avoid flying close to areas known to be for example nesting areas for birds or seals to protect the nature. We constantly look for new and innovative ways to compensate our footprint in a credible way and we are investing in modern fleet to cut down our emissions. We are looking for ways to operate in a manner, that empty legs are flown as rarely as possible. We are supporting the development of electric aviation.

  • Respect of Cultural Heritage - We worship the original, local culture. We need to develop our services to serve our local communities for example by providing more information about our company in Finnish and Swedish. At the moment we are building a new booking system with local companies and after the launch we will also be able to provide all of our online services also in the local languages. We are also renewing our on board service items to present Finnish culture.

  • Social Responsibility - We treat all our guests, employees and local people in a respecting and equal manners regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation or political interests or religion. We love to learn from different cultures and respect our guests from all over the world.

  • Continuous development-We are continuously developing our services to ensure our vitality also in the future and we listen closely our customers by collecting feedback after each flight. We invest in trainings and make sure our employees have always the latest professional tools and knowledge in order to successfully keep our standards of service high.

  • Safety and Quality  - Our top priorities are safety and quality of our services, which we never compromise. We always think of the safety of our guests, employees and local people first, before each decision and before each flight operation. Our employees are trained continuously to ensure the safety of all our operations in the air and on the ground. We are committed to follow all regulations and standards set by the local and the international aviation authorities. We also ensure our insurances comply with all international standards.

  • Climate Change We are committed to minimize the carbon foot print and we have built a strategy how to reduce our emissions. We are also looking for credible ways to compensate the emissions we are unable to cut down in cooperation with Finnish Universities.

  • Supporting Local Businesses-we want to cooperate with local businesses in a fair way and employ as many locals as possible.

  • Transparency- We are honest about our challenges as well as about our achievements. We communicate actively on our webpage and social media. We are proud of Finlands reputation as a sustainable destination and we want to be part of the success story built together with local companies and authorities. ACXJET wants to develop the sustainability of travel services in cooperation with other travel companies in Finland. Our helicopter service, Helsinki Citycopter is part of Sustainable Travel Finland program, which is a good example of our commitment to continuously develop our services to enhance our sustainability.

  • Sustainable travel principles-We are committed to take an active role in developing the sustainability of travel services. By the commitment we also ensure these principles will turn into actions systematically. 

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